Program Details


Day 1 (November 30th): 10:00-17:50, Hanoi Time, UTC+7

10:00–10:30 Opening
  1. Organizers, Delegates and Related Units introduction
  2. Welcome speech of Assoc. Prof. Son Pham Bao- Deputy Director of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  3. Welcome speech of PhD. Hoang Son Nguyen – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Library Association, Vice Chairman of Northern Academic Library Association, Director of the Library and Digital Knowledge Center, Co-Chair, Representative of the Host Country of ICADL 2022
  4. Welcome speech by PC chairs
  5. Silver plate Handover Ceremony
Moderator: Thuy Quynh Ngo (Vietnam National University)
10:30–11:30 Keynote Speech 1: The Journey of Vietnam Library’s Digital Transformation
Mr. Dung Hoang (Member of the Standing Committee – Northern Academic Library Association – Vietnam, CEO of DLCorp)
Moderator: Nguyễn Hoàng Sơn (Vietnam National University)
11:30–13:00 Lunch
13:00–14:20 Session A-1: Data Archive & Management 1
Chair:Wirapong Chansanam - Khon Kaen University
  • A-11 [Full] Exploiting Views for Collaborative Research Data Management of Structured Data
    (David Broneske, Ian Wolff, Veit Koeppen and Martin Schäler)
  • A-12 [Full] Towards Efficient Data Access through Multiple Relationships in Graph-structured Digital Archives
    (Kazuma Kusu, Takahiro Komamizu and Kenji Hatano)
  • A-13 [Short] YAMAML: An Application Profile Based Lightweight RDF Mapping Language
    (Nishad Thalhath, Mitsuharu Nagamori and Tetsuo Sakaguchi)
  • A-14 [Short] Adopting the Europeana data model (EDM) for describing resources in cultural heritage systems: A case study of Taiwan Memory
    (Wei-Hsiang Hung and Hao-Ren Ke)
13:00–14:20 Session A-2: Intelligent Document Analysis
Chair: Yohei Seki (University of Tsukuba)
  • A-21 [Full] Unsupervised Keyphrase Generation by Utilizing Masked Words Prediction and Pseudo-Label BART Finetuning
    (Yingchao Ju and Mizuho Iwaihara)
  • A-22 [Full] Singlish Checker: A Tool for Understanding and Analysing an English Creole Language
    (Lee-Hsun Hsieh, Nam Chew Chua, Agus Trisnajaya Kwee, Pei-Chi Lo, Yang-Yin Lee and Ee-Peng Lim)
  • A-23 [Short] Distantly Supervised Named Entity Recognition with Category-Oriented Confidence Calibration
    (Liangping Ding, Tian-Yuan Huang, Huan Liu, Yufei Wang and Zhixiong Zhang)
  • A-24 [Full] Extractive Summarization Utilizing Keyphrases by Fine-tuning BERT-based Model
    (Xiaoye Wang and Mizuho Iwaihara)
14:20–14:40 Break
14:40–16:00 Session B-1: Data Archive & Management 2
Chair: Takahiro Komamizu (Nagoya University)
  • B-11 [Full] Aggregator Reuse and Extension for Richer Web Archive Interaction
    (Mat Kelly)
  • B-12 [Full] Caching HTTP 404 Responses Eliminates Unnecessary Archival Replay Requests
    (Kritika Garg, Himarsha Jayanetti, Sawood Alam, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson)
  • B-13 [Short] Web Archiving as Entertainment
    (Travis Reid, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle)
  • B-14 [Full] Documenting Architectural Styles using CIDOC CRM
    (Michail Agathos, Eleftherios Kalogeros, Manolis Gergatsoulis and Georgios Papaioannou)
14:40–16:00 Session B-2: Neural-based Knowledge Extraction
Chair: Łukasz Kobyliński (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • B-21 [Short] Ensembling Transformers for Cross-domain Automatic Term Extraction
    (Thi Hong Hanh Tran, Matej Martinc, Andraz Pelicon, Senja Pollak and Antoine Doucet)
  • B-22 [Short] Impact Analysis of Different Effective Loss Functions by Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Face Recognition
    (Duc Anh Nguyen, Trong Dat Nguyen, Nam Hai Dao, Hong Hai Le and Quy Nam Tran)
  • B-23 [Full] Visualization of the Gap Between the Stances of Citizens and City Councilors on Political Issues
    (Ko Senoo, Yohei Seki, Wakako Kashino and Noriko Kando)
  • B-24 [Full] Fast Few shot Self-attentive Semi-supervised Political Inclination Prediction
    (Souvic Chakraborty, Pawan Goyal and Animesh Mukherjee)
16:00–16:20 Break
16:20–17:50 Interactive Session 1
- Sharing cultural resources across borders and over time -

Moderator: Shigeo Sugimoto (University of Tsukuba)
18:00- Banquet

Day 2 (December 1st): 10:30-17:20, Hanoi Time, UTC+7

10:00–11:00 Keynote Speech 2: The CyborgCrowd Project and Beyond: Earth-Scale Human-ML-Logic Teams for Answering Open World Questions
Dr. Atsuyuki Morishima (University of Tsukuba)
Moderator: Marie Katsurai (Doshisha University)
11:00–11:20 Break
11:20–12:30 Session C-1: Cultural Data Collection and Analysis
Chair: Adam Jatowt (University of Innsbruck)
  • C-11 [Short] Differences Between the Structure of Research Projects in Computer Science Funded by Japanese and American Agencies
    (Emi Ishita and Tetsuya Nakatoh)
  • C-12 [Short] Opening access for digital collections: the state of cultural materials in Indonesian Higher Education institutions
    (Widiatmoko Adi Putranto, Regina Dwi Shalsa Mayzana and Emi Ishita)
  • C-13 [Short] A Comparison of Information Retrieval Pre-processing Algorithms applied to African Historical Data
    (Soham Singh and Hussein Suleman)
  • C-14 [Short] Using Archivematica and Omeka S for Long-term Preservation and Access of Digitized Archive Materials
    (Boyoung Kim, Satoru Nakamura and Hidenori Watanabe)
11:20–12:45 Session C-2: Smart Search and Annotation
Chair: Maciej Ogrodniczuk (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • C-21 [Short] Can a Machine Reading Comprehension Model Improve Ad-hoc Document Retrieval?
    (Kota Usuha, Makoto P. Kato and Sumio Fujita)
  • C-22 [Short] Towards a Polish Question Answering Dataset (PoQuAD)
    (Ryszard Tuora, Natalia Zawadzka-Paluektau, Cezary Klamra, Aleksandra Zwierzchowska and Łukasz Kobyliński)
  • C-23 [Short] Experimenting with Unsupervised Multilingual Event Detection in Historical Newspapers
    (Emanuela Boros, Luis Adrián Cabrera-Diego and Antoine Doucet)
  • C-24 [Full] Bibrecord-based Literature Management with Interactive Latent Space Learning
    (Shingo Watanabe, Hiroyoshi Ito, Masaki Matsubara and Atsuyuki Morishima)
  • C-25 [Short]  Active Learning for Efficient Partial Improvement of Learning to Rank
    (Koki Shibata and Makoto P. Kato)
12:30–13:50 Lunch
13:50–15:10 Session D-1: Knowledge Discovery for Enhancing Collaboration
Chair: Hussein Suleman (University of Cape Town)
  • D-11 [Short] "S × UKILAM" collaboration to connect local digital resources and school education: Workshop and Archiving to construct network of "people" and "data"
    (Masao Oi, Boyoung Kim and Hidenori Watanave)
  • D-12 [Full] Accessing digital cultural heritage information: users vs institutional perspectives of metadata and searching
    (Ryan Gibson, Sudatta Chowdhury and Gobinda Chowdhury)
  • D-13 [Full] Technostress on Academic Librarians Working in Digital Scholarship during the Pandemic in Indonesia
    (Nurrochmah Febrianti Nadyasari, Rahmi Rahmi and Hideo Joho)
13:50–15:10 Session D-2: Scholarly Data Processing
Chair: Senja Pollak (Jozef Stefan Institute)
  • D-21 [Full]  KGMM - A Maturity Model for Scholarly Knowledge Graphs based on Intertwined Human-Machine Collaboration
    (Hassan Hussein, Allard Oelen, Oliver Karras and Sören Auer)
  • D-22 [Short] Computer Science Named Entity Recognition in the Open Research Knowledge Graph
    (Jennifer D'Souza and Sören Auer)
  • D-23 [Short] Scholarly Knowledge Extraction from Published Software Packages
    (Muhammad Haris, Markus Stocker and Sören Auer)
  • D-24 [Short] MORTY: Structured Summarization for Targeted Information Extraction from Scholarly Articles
    (Mohamad Yaser Jaradeh, Markus Stocker and Sören Auer)
15:10–15:30 Break
15:30–16:30 Poster Exibition
Chair: Hoa N. Nguyen (VNU University of Engineering and Technology)
  • P-1 [Poster] Investigating Evolving Collection Support with Simple Tools
    (Hussein Suleman)
  • P-2 [Poster] Evaluating Machine Translation of Latin Interjections in the Digital Library of Polish and Poland-related News Pamphlets
    (Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Katarzyna Kryńska)
  • P-3 [Poster] Investigating User Control to Mitigate Bias when Searching African Historical Data
    (Soham Singh and Hussein Suleman)
  • P-4 [Poster] Extracting Information about Research Resources from Scholarly Papers
    (Ayahito Saji and Shigeki Matsubara)
  • P-5 [Poster] Research Outputs of Vietnam National University, Hanoi : A Bibliometric Analysis on Scopus and Web of Science During 2018-2021
    (Son Nguyen Hoang, Lam Le Ba, Tra Nguyen Thanh, Phuong Vu Thi Mai, Duong Hoang Van, Bac Hoang Minh, Anh Do Diep and Tan Nguyen Duy)
  • P-6 [Poster] Digital Preservation at GLAMs in Japan
    (Takafumi Kinoshita, Tahee Onuma and Naoko Tokuhara)
  • P-7 [Poster] Question Support Method to Promote Critical Thinking Using Lecture Slide Structure in On-Demand Courses
    (Saki Inoue, Yuanyuan Wang, Yukiko Kawai and Kazutoshi Sumiya)
  • P-8 [Poster] EduArc: Federated Infrastructures for Digital Educational Resources
    (Ahmed Saleh, Mohammad Abdel-Qader and Klaus Tochtermann)
  • P-9 [Poster] Data Librarians: Changes in Role and Job Duties over 25 Years
    (Tokinori Suzuki, Emi Ishita, Xinyu Ma, Widiatmoko Adi Putranto and Yukiko Watanabe)
  • P-10 [Poster] Clustering Semantic Predicates in the Open Research Knowledge Graph
    (Omar Arab Oghli, Jennifer D'Souza and Sören Auer)
  • P-11 [Poster] Data Spaces for Cultural Heritage: Insights from GLAM Innovation Labs
    (Milena Dobreva, Krassen Stefanov and Krassimira Ivanova)
    (Son Nguyen Hoang, Lam Le Ba, Duong Hoang Van, Anh Do Diep, Bac Hoang Minh, Giang Le Huong, Thuy Vu Thi Thanh, Quynh Ngo Thuy, Tan Nguyen Duy, Van Trinh Khanh, Van Tran Thi Thanh, Lan Nguyen Thi Kim and Hai Vu Son)
16:30–16:50 Break
16:50–18:20 Interactive Session 2
- Community Meeting: Roundtable to Exchange and Share our Views for the Future -

Moderator: Shigeo Sugimoto
18:00- Banquet

Day 3 (December 2nd): 9:00-18:30, Hanoi Time, UTC+7


Opening for AP-iConference 2022

Opening Message: Prof. Atsuyuki Morishima

Welcome Address: Dr. Misita Anwar

Venue: Plenary Room (Conference Room 1)


Introduction of Guest Speaker : Prof. Gillian Oliver

Keynote Address:

Speaker: Dr. Gary Marchionini,
Dean and Cary C. Boshamer Professor,
UNC School of Information & Library Science

Venue: Plenary Room (Conference Room 1)

Moderator: Prof. Gillian Oliver (Monash University)


Closing Session of ICADL

Awarding Ceremony

Closing Message

Venue: Plenary Room (Conference Room 1)

11:00–12:30 Lunch Break

Panel Discussion on

Open Access Data Sharing Policies and Technologies (Hybrid)

  • Dr. Hiroyoshi Ito, University of Tsukuba
  • Dr. Rahmi Ami, Universitas Indonesia
  • Dr. Di Wang, Wuhan University
  • Dr. Do Van Hung, Vietnam National University

Moderator: Dr. Misita Anwar

Venue: Plenary Room (Conference Room 1)




Graduate Student Research Colloquium

Onsite moderator: Misita Anwar

Online moderator: Di Wang

Session A (Onsite)

Moderator: Misita Anwar

Mentors All AP iSchools Heads who are available onsite will be invited to be mentors

Venue: Conference Room 2: Track 1 Session A1 to A4 Conference Room 3 (Big Room): Track1 Session A5 to A8

Session B (Online)

Conference Room 3a
Registration link : hrjMjHdPavCV1z12d6MP5FpDAF07A

Moderator: Mary Grace P. Golfo-Barcelona


Track1 Session A1

Chatkamon Anontachai Khon
Kaen University Thailand

Title: Community Information
System for Managing Cultural
Capitals for Sustainable

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Misita Anwar
  • Dr. Rahmi Ami
  • Dr. Emi Ishita

Track 1 Session A5

Lan, Nguyen Thi Kim
The University of Social Sciences
and Humanities, Vietnam National
University, Hanoi

Title: Knowledge management: a
conceptual model at VNU-LIC

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Shigeo Sugimoto
  • Dr. Hiroyoshi Ito
  • Dr. Atsuyuki Morishima

Track 2-Break Out Group 1

Track 2 Session B1


Jiayu Liu

Jilin University

Title:Multi-source Heterogeneous Online
Review Data Fusion and Product
Competitiveness Mining based on Graphic

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Hui Chen
  • Dr. Naya Sucha-xaya
  • Dr. Peng Xiao
  • Dr. Ryza Alenzuela

Track 1 Session A2

Riel Tanyag, Rhea Rowena
Apolinario UP School of Library and
Information Studies

Title: Establishment of a Reading
Center for the Community of
Barangay Calzada, Taguig City,

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Misita Anwar
  • Dr. Rahmi Ami
  • Dr. Emi Ishita

Track 1 Session A6

Rachawit Tipsena and
Khon Kaen University Thailand

Title: Prediction of the Digital
Industries Requirements for Future
Workforces using Data Analytics

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Shigeo Sugimoto
  • Dr. Hiroyoshi Ito
  • Dr. Atsuyuki Morishima

Track 2 Session B2

Pascal Muam MAH
AGH University of Science and
Technology Krakow Poland

Title: Pre-train deep learning enhances the
‘internet of thoughts’ (IoThs) for E-health
services on rich content extraction using
natural language processing.

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Hui Chen
  • Dr. Di Wang
  • Dr. Chao Min

Track 2 Session B3

AGH University of Science and
The university of Tsukuba, Japan

Title: Prototype of evaluation system for
Chinese poetry generation

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Hui Chen
  • Dr. Di Wang
  • Dr. Peng Xiao

Track 2-Break Out Group 2

Track 2 Session B4

Chihiro Kunimoto
Department of Library Science,
Graduate School of Integrated Frontier
Sciences, Kyushu University, Japan.

Title: Identifying Systems and Expertise
for Implementing Research Data
Management Services

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Di Wang
  • Dr. Viviane Hessami
  • Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab

Track 2 Session B5

Zengming Wang
Wuhan University, China.

Title: Exploring the literacy of research

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Khallid Hossein
  • Dr. Iyra Buenrostro-Cabbab
  • Dr. Peng Xiao

Track 2 Session B6

Jiangfeng Hu
Wuhan University, China

Title: Understanding Territorial Functioning
Towards Interorganisational Data Sharing
in the Public Sector

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Chao Min
  • Dr. Khalid Hossein
  • Dr.Viviane Hessami
15:45–16:00 Bio Break

Track 1 Session A3

Nattanan Tarsook
Khon Kaen University

Title: Digital Platform for
Management of Thai Jewelry

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Misita Anwar
  • Dr. Rahmi Ami
  • Dr. Emi Ishita

Track 2-Session A7

A-Phorn Molee
Khon Kaen University Thailand

Title: The Development of a
Recommendation System for
Research on the Elderly in Thailand

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Shigeo Sugimoto
  • Dr. Hiroyoshi Ito
  • Dr. Atsuyuki Morishima

Track 1 Session A4

Van Trinh Khanh
The University of Social Sciences
and Humanities, Vietnam National
University, Hanoi

Title: Information Literacy of Public
Librarians in Hanoi

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Misita Anwar
  • Dr. Rahmi Ami
  • Dr. Emi Ishita

Track 2 Session B8

Title: Open cultural data in Indonesia:
opportunities and implications
across libraries, archives and

Widiatmoko Adi Putranco
Library Science Department,
Kyushu University, Japan

  • Mentors:
  • Dr. Shigeo Sugimoto
  • Dr. Hiroyoshi Ito
  • Dr. Atsuyuki Morishima
17:30-17:45 Closing Session for AP-iConference
Closing Message: Misita Anwar
School of Library and Information Studies, Univ. Of the Philippines
Master of Ceremony