Interactive Session 1

Call for Participation

Day-1 Interactive Session at ICADL 2022

Sharing cultural resources across borders and over time
16:20 – 17:50 (Hanoi time, UTC+7), November 30, 2022

This interactive session will provide a forum to discuss research issues to share cultural digital resources in the networked information environment. Digital archiving of cultural entities started in the early 1990s and has been expanding both in its volume and domains. Typical cultural digital resources of the 1990s were digital images created by capturing physical objects. Since then, digital archiving has been expanded to broader domains and various cultural entities, e.g., intangible cultural heritage, new media arts, ephemeral objects, endangered languages, natural and man-made disasters, and so forth. Nowadays, we can find many cultural resources created using digital resources available on the Internet, i.e., data created from data.

This session is aimed to bring new ideas, research and practices to advance cultural digital resources in the Internet environment. “From tangible to intangible”, “from perpetual to ephemeral”, “from object to experientials”, “from born-physical to born-virtual” are key phrases of this session as they mean diversity of cultural resources which should be made available in the Internet environment.

This session solicits proposals of lightning talks. Following a few invited talks and the lighting talks (3 minutes or shorter), this session will pick up some issues for discussion among the participants. Participants need to register ICADL 2022 either onsite or online. Please send proposals to the moderator by email as shown below. This session needs to limit the number of lightning talks (e.g., 5) because of the session time limitation. First-Come-First-Served is a basic policy to accept proposals.

Invited Speakers

  1. Gobinda Chowdhury (University of Strathclyde, UK): Digital cultural heritage and the FAIR principles
  2. Christopher Khoo (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): Full-stack development of Web applications for sharing cultural resources to support user exploration, learning and research
  3. Sophy Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan): An Ontological Framework for Religious and Cultural Events: A Case of the Hungry Ghost Festival & Universal Salvation

Submission of Lightning Talk proposal

  1. Send email to Shigeo Sugimoto ( ).
  2. The message should include (1) name and affiliation of the presenter, (2) position statement (200 words or less)
  3. The deadline: November 24 (Thu), 2022