Best Paper

Best paper:

  • D-13 Technostress on Academic Librarians Working in Digital Scholarship during the Pandemic in Indonesia (Nurrochmah Febrianti Nadyasari, Rahmi Rahmi and Hideo Joho)

Best student paper:

  • C-24 Bibrecord-based Literature Management with Interactive Latent Space Learning (Shingo Watanabe, Hiroyoshi Ito, Masaki Matsubara and Atsuyuki Morishima)

Best paper and best student paper runner-ups:

  • B-23 Visualization of the Gap Between the Stances of Citizens and City Councilors on Political Issues (Ko Senoo, Yohei Seki, Wakako Kashino and Noriko Kando)
  • C-11 Accessing digital cultural heritage information: users vs institutional perspectives of metadata and searching (Ryan Gibson, Sudatta Chowdhury and Gobinda Chowdhury)
  • A-12 Towards Efficient Data Access through Multiple Relationships in Graph-structured Digital Archives (Kazuma Kusu, Takahiro Komamizu and Kenji Hatano)